New York Film Critics Honor ‘Frankenweenie’

The New York Film Critics Circle (NYFCC) jump-started the annual awards season yesterday by announcing their choices for film achievement. CalArts alumnus Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie was honored for Best Animated Feature.

When it was released in October, Rolling Stone film critic (and NYFCC member) Peter Travers noted:

A stop-motion animated movie in black-and-white and 3D. Who’d think of that? Try Tim Burton, the undisputed wizard of odd who’s been yearning to do a full-length feature of the live-action short he made in 1984 when he toiled as an animator at Disney.

Well, now Frankenweenie is here, and it’s a honey, a dark and dazzling spellbinder that scares up laughs and surprising emotion….Burton’s artistry is on par with his animated imaginings in Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Getting creeped out has never seemed this totally cool.

We’ve posted a video featurette (above) in which Burton and his team talk about bringing Frankenweenie to life.

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