Structuring Strategies Presents CalArts Alumnus David Fenster

Tonight (Jan. 29) at 7 pm, the CalArts Structuring Strategies class and screening series features the works of filmmaker and CalArts’ alumnus David Fenster (Film/Video MFA 04).

Fenster screens the feature film Pincus, which last year, had its premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival and also earned the New Directors Award at the Denver Film Festival, along with his 2007 short The Livelong Day.

Pincus is a semi-autobiographical film about Pincus Finster—the director’s alter ego—whose days are filled trying to stave off his father’s Parkinson’s disease and halfheartedly practicing yoga in an effort to pick up girls.

The Livelong Day, which has screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Rooftop Films in New York and the PDX Film Festival, is an examination of the train culture and lifestyle. From the director’s statement:

In The Livelong Day, we see three generations of train enthusiasts gather to pilot one of the largest, most obsessively realistic model railroads in the world. They are nostalgics and romantics, mourning the vanishing of railroad culture and craftsmanship while striving to maintain it at 1/87 scale.

Structuring Strategies: David Fenster
CalArts’ Bijou Theater
Tonight, Jan. 29 at 7 pm

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