Dance on Camera Fest Screens CalArtian Multimedia Work Tonight at Lincoln Center

The Next Step Is (Trailer) from Victoria Sendra on Vimeo.

Tonight (Feb. 5) at 5:30 pm, The Next Step Is—a new collaborative piece by several CalArts alumni—screens at the Dance On Camera Festival at Lincoln Center in New York City. The experimental short  features the work of director Victoria Sendra (Film/Video BFA 12), choreographer and dancer Lindsey Lollie (Dance BFA 12), and performer and composer Paul Matthis (Music MFA 13).

Included in the festival’s Shorts Program B, The Next Step Is is being shown alongside works by veteran filmmakers and choreographers such as Lionel Popkin, who co-directed the short Dance Elephant Dance with Cari Ann Shim Sham.

From the Festival’s description of The Next Step Is:

Stuck in the tunnel of time, the only place to escape is in the same time, because time is imaginary. Fear of the future creates uncertainty in the present and so we set ourselves free by studying Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Removing the boundaries of time and space allows fluidity through different dimensions, as a human brain would travel through thoughts. When brain activity becomes accelerated, the heart rate increases, and once the thought occurs that time is accelerating, it is realized that in reality time travels in a circle.

The Dance on Camera Festival, which was inaugurated in 1971, presents a wide-ranging slate of films including documentaries, shorts, features and experimental works that “celebrate the immediacy of dance combined with the intimacy of film.”

Above is a trailer for the The Next Step Is.

The Next Step Is
Dance On Camera Festival
Film Society of Lincoln Center

70 Lincoln Square #4, NYC
Feb. 5, 5:30 pm
Sold out, but there may be last-minute tickets available at the box office

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