Director Janie Geiser’s Production Clouded Sulphur Premieres in Chinatown

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Imagery from ‘Clouded Sulphur’ | Image courtesy Automata

This Friday (Feb. 8) marks the premiere of School of Theater faculty Janie Geiser‘s production Clouded Sulphur (death is a knot undone) at Automata in Chinatown’s Arts District.

An Obie-Award winning director and a veteran of contemporary puppet theater, Geiser’s new work was created in response to the tragic, unsolved murder of a young Los Angeles girl.

Clouded Sulphur began to emerge after I read about an unsolved Los Angeles crime—the 2002 kidnapping and murder of a 15-year-old girl who disappeared one morning on her way to school,” says Geiser. “Her body was found the next day, October 19, 2002, near the Crestline Highway in the San Bernardino National Forest, two hours from Los Angeles. No suspect was named.”

More from producer Miranda Wright (Theater MFA 09):

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Imagery from ‘Clouded Sulphur’ | Image courtesy Automata

Clouded Sulphur navigates a complex terrain of family, loss, revenge, and unexpected hope through a multidisciplinary performance work that merges puppetry, projection, text, and music. Set at the edge of Los Angeles, where the untamed landscape meets the city, the performance centers on absence and the range of feelings that flow through brokenness (revenge, disbelief, unexpected floods of compassion and hope).

Developed in collaboration with playwright and former School of Theater dean Erik Ehn and composer/guitarist Valerie Opielski, the play runs through Feb. 17.

Seating is limited, so advanced ticket purchases are encouraged.

Clouded Sulphur
504 Chung King Court, Chinatown
Feb. 8-10, 13-17 at 8 pm
Feb. 9 -10 at 4 pm 
Tickets: $15 to $18

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