EventMay 2, 2013

Film/Video Showcase 2013: Experimental Animation Program

A film still from Jess Iglehart’s ‘White Hot Grid (VHS).’

On Thursday night (May 2) at 8 pm, the CalArts School of Film/Video presents a showcase of its Experimental Animation Program at REDCAT. The screening features a juried selection of 13 animated shorts as well as a live performance.

Works on the program:

  • A live performance by Matt Broach (MFA 13), 10:00
  • Drifters by Ethan Clarke (MFA 12), 8:30
  • Loud Boy by Amy Lee (BFA 14), 4:00
  • Ego by Victoria Van Patten (BFA 16), 3:54
  • Move Mountain by Kirsten Lepore (MFA 12), 11:00
  • Pareidolia by Maya Erdelyi (MFA 12), 7:30
  • Umma by Sieun Lim (BFA 13), 4:45
  • White Hot Grid by Jess Iglehart (BFA 14), 1:14
  • Robota by David Braun (BFA 13), 6:42
  • Sugarcoat by Meejin Hong (MFA 12), 6:13
  • The Rape of the Lock by Thalia Fry (BFA 14), 3:18
  • Door No. 5 by Tempe Hale (MFA 14), 3:40
  • Sexy Sad Girl by Rachel Ho (BFA 14), 2:19
  • El delino del pez León (Lionfish Delusion) by Quique Rivera (MFA 14), 3:55

Here is a trailer from Rivera’s El delirio del pez león (Lionfish Delusion):

This year, the films were selected by CalArts faculty members Kirsten Winter, Myron Emery, Maureen Furniss, Eileen Reynolds and Maureen Selwood as well as student Ana Ramirez (BFA 14).

All screenings are free and open to the public, but reservations are required due to limited seating. For more information about 2013 Film/Video Showcase screenings held at REDCAT and CalArts, visit the site.

Below is a trailer for Victor Sala’s Robota:

Event Details

Film/Video Showcase: Experimental Animation

May 2, 8 pm
Tickets: Free Reservations are required
Call the REDCAT box office at 213-237-2800

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