EventMay 4, 2013

Student Aims to Break Guinness World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap at CalArts

On Saturday (May 4), CalArts School of Theater student Austin Antoine (Theater BFA 13) will attempt to freestyle rap continuously for 14 hours to break the standing Guinness World Record of 13 hours and 23 minutes. The 22-year-old’s performance at the CalArts’ Coffeehouse Theater begins at 10 am and (hopefully) runs until midnight.

During the course of the 14 hours, DJs, MCs and a live band will participate in the event to keep Antoine’s energy up. Audience members are encouraged to stop by at any time during the performance.

Antoine explained in an email how the audience will interact with his Guinness attempt:

Throughout the 14 hours, audience members will write words or phrases on cards for me to rap about and rhyme. I must use every suggestion given to me over the 14 hours. Audience members will also be pulled up on stage and interact with me as I have a rap conversation with each of them. There will also be gaming consoles set up where audience members can try their luck and attempt to beat me at my own game.

Three independent Guinness World Record “officials” will keep time to ensure that the previous record is broken. The event will also be streamed live online.

DJs and MCs performing tomorrow with Antoine include:

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Event Details

Austin Antoine's World Record Attempt

CalArts Coffeehouse Theater May 4, 10 am to 12 am Free Watch the live stream online

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