EventMay 10 - 11, 2013

The Next Dance Company Concert at REDCAT

The Next Dance Company at Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theater. | Photo: Steven A. Gunther

On May 10 and 11, the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance presents the Next Dance Company Concert at REDCAT. Headed by Dean Stephan Koplowitz and faculty choreographer Laurence Blake, the concert highlights graduating students as they prepare for their professional careers and help create the dance communities of the future.

This year’s concert features new choreography by Koplowitz and guest choreographer Julie Bour. Also featured are new pieces of choreography by the graduating class of the MFA and BFA Programs in Dance.

The following are the works to be performed:

  • Retrouvaille
    Choreography: Rebecca Lemme (MFA 13)
    Performance: Steven Flores (BFA 13), Tarren Johnson (BFA 13), Angelica Olivares (BFA 13), Nicole Pfeiffer (BFA 13), Shane Raiford (BFA 13), Travis Richardson (BFA 13), Lynn Suemitsu (BFA 13)
  • MatCHless MisCHieF
    Choreography: Steven Flores
    Performance: Alyssa Alden (BFA 13), Jordon Waters (BFA 13)
  • Complying Human
    Choreography: Tarren Johnson
    Performance: Andres Marquez (BFA 13), Angelica Olivares, Jamie Pea (BFA 13), Shane Raiford
  • Bad Faith
    Choreography: Stephan Koplowitz
    Performance: Janaye McAlpine (BFA 13), Jordon Waters
  • Here Today
    Choreography: Daniel Charon (MFA 13)
    Performance: Alyssa Alden, Amanda Castro (BFA 13), Tiara Jackson (BFA 13), Andres Marquez, Jamie Pea, Misha Vickroy (BFA 13), Joshua Youngs (BFA 13)
  • Kin
    Choreography: Lynn Suemitsu
    Performance: Amanda Castro, Nicole Pfeiffer, Shane Raiford, Travis Richardson, Joshua Youngs
  • Sirens
    Choreography: Tiara Jackson
    Performance: Janaye McAlpine, Misha Vickroy
  • Magnetic Shores
    Choreography: Julie Bour
    Performance: Alyssa Alden, Amanda Castro, Steven Flores, Tiara Jackson, Tarren Johnson, Jamie Pea, Andres Marquez, Janaye McAlpine, Angelica Olivares, Nicole Pfeiffer, Travis Richardson, Shane Raiford, Lynn Suemitsu, Misha Vickroy, Jordon Waters, Joshua Youngs

Event Details

Next Dance Company Concert

May 10 and 11, 8:30 PM REDCAT 631 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles Tickets: $10 for CalArts, $20 for general admission

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