Concord’s P.S. 1010 Project Hopes to Take Learning and Art-making on the Road

The Concord art collective is re-creating a bus as a mobile connector of ideas, learning and art-making between communities. | Image: Courtesy of Concord

Concord, an art collective, gallery and project incubator that’s run out of a 3,000-square-foot warehouse in the Cypress Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, is re-thinking the classroom—taking a few cues from the success of the food truck model.

Founded in 2011 by CalArts’ alumni—Arjuna Neuman (Art MFA 11), Marco Di Dominico (Critical Studies MFA 11) with Clifford Pun (Art MFA 11), Eirik Schmertmann and Erin Schneider—the collective plans to redesign an old school bus to experience and experiment with art and education in various locations.

The project, P.S. 1010, is envisioned as a classroom on wheels. Neuman writes in an email, “The bus will be transformed into a laboratory of learning, a gallery, a library, a temporary home, and a space for art to happen. The kind of art that happens as conversations, performances, workshops, feasts and exchanges. Already art collectives from Texas to Buffalo are getting in touch, requesting we visit them and collaborate.”

If the project’s funding comes through, the bus currently has only two planned destinations/exhibitions for later this summer: Good Children Gallery in New Orleans and a Studio Hangar in California City. From Concord’s website:

But if the goal is to let new practices emerge, our approach must be open to detours, contingent re-directions, and mishaps. We will be traveling across the country to communities we want to learn from. We will be gathering methods and materials to teach. And we invite you and your friends to ride with us.

Di Domenico asks other artists who are interested in participating in P.S. 1010 on its journey across the country to either email or visit the Concord Space in Los Angeles.

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