CalArts Animators Featured on MTV (other)’s Rock Stories, Part 2

Last week, we posted three episodes of MTV (other)’s 10-episode web series, Rock Stories: Matt Pinfield’s Oral History of Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll, which were all directed by CalArts alumni animators. The short, funny stories told by iconic MTV VJ Matt Pinfield were animated, exhibiting contrasting styles of the filmmakers. Today, we’re posting the remaining episodes in the series directed by CalArts alumni: Sean Buckelew (Film/Video MFA 12), Eusong Lee (Film/Video 13) and Ethan Clarke (Film/Video MFA 12).

In Episode 6: Red Hot Chili Peppers Are All ‘No Doors, No Problem,’ by Buckelew and Clara Kim, Pinfield tells the story of when the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis and Flea were roommates who couldn’t pay the rent:

Lee animated Episode 8: Kid Rock + A 10 Foot D*ck, which recounts the time Pinfield joined Kid Rock onstage:

Finally, in Episode 10: Kings of Leon Are The Kings Of Beer, Clarke illustrates Pinfield’s recollection of King of Leon’s Caleb Followill making a deal he couldn’t remember with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder:

Clarke explains more about his film in a recent email:

I decided to make a bizarre sub-story because I thought the story itself wasn’t very interesting. In my version Eddie Vedder is a sadistic monkey that force feeds the lead singer (a magical unicorn-man) whiskey and then tricks him into thinking they had [an] agreement. Then Vedder trashes his instruments during the show. Everyone thought maybe there was some reason I made Vedder a monkey. As though it were a joke or story, but no…just more fun to draw. I’m a post-Pearl Jam Vedder fan.

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