Video: Digital Arts and Technology Expo 2013 Excerpts

In May, the Digital Arts and Technology Expo 2013 showcased CalArts student and faculty projects that integrate computer science and engineering with the visual and performing arts.

The video above includes clips from seven projects at this year’s expo, including a wearable interface that allows the user to make music through hand gestures; a projection mapping system on turntables that creates an interactive surface for real-time mixing and musical composition; and a three-dimensional browser, among others.

This fall, CalArts will launch a Digital Arts minor for undergraduate students. The program is designed to help students from all arts disciplines to grasp the knowledge to build, engineer and design innovative custom systems that can be applied to technology’s role in the arts. The interdisciplinary minor incorporates computer programming, web design, video editing, digital fabrication, digital sound production while, at the same time, provides a historical context for the digital arts.

Learn more about the program here.

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