EventAugust 3 - September 1, 2013

New Immersive Theatrical Work Blurs Line Between Performance and Party

The Speakeasy Society, aka Julianne Just (Theater MFA 12), Genevieve Gearhart (Theater MFA 13) and Matthew Bamberg-Johnson (Theater MFA 13), recently premiered their latest immersive theatrical production KITCHEN/SUGAR/BULLET/BLANK (KSBB) at a bungalow style house in Atwater Village, Los Angeles. With only 12 “seats” at each show, the micro-scale piece allows the audience to become fully integrated into the action of the 3-hour mobile performance, which features dinner and drinks with the performers in character. Performances occur on Sunday evenings during August, with the last show wrapping up on Sept. 1.

The play is an adaptation of Fefu and her Friends by American playwright María Irene Fornés, which was updated by Amanda Jane Shank (Theater MFA 13) and The Speakeasy Society. Throughout the evening the audience divides into even smaller groups to experience and engage sections of the narrative alongside the performers at various locations in the house.

Bamberg-Johnson described what the audience experiences during the show via a recent email:

I think that the primary differences between this and other pieces is that there’s an increased attention to the intimacy of the audience/performer experience.  The audiences are small enough to maintain what is basically a 1:1 audience to performer ratio.

Also, this piece [has] a larger matrix of narrative elements. Rather than just following one story, the audience has the chance to assemble and build on a much larger network of narrative elements depending on who they sit with at dinner, what questions they ask, etc.

The production also includes the following artistic collaborators from the CalArts School of Theater: Aubree Lynn (MFA 13), Andrew Lia (MFA 13), Gabriela Trigo (MFA 12), Cristina Fernandez (MFA 14), Megan Rippey (MFA 13), Paula Rebelo (BFA 13), Jennifer Greer (MFA 11), Nora King (BFA 14), Erica Dawson (BFA 14), Chrissie Harms (MFA 13), Alexis Macnab (MFA 13), Emma Green (MFA 13), Jessica Rosslyn (MFA 13) and Emily Faris (BFA 13).

As of today, KSBB is sold out, but tickets may become available if last-minute cancellations occur.

If you missed this show, The Speakeasy Society will produce two works in October and December: a Halloween-themed performance party continuing the stories of some of the characters from the world of KSBB, and its take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

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The Speakeasy Society Sundays in August & Sept. 1, 6 pm Tickets: SOLD OUT Check here to see if tickets become available.

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