EventSeptember 29, 2013

FAULT LINES Project Features the Work of 14 CalArtians

‘FAULT LINES’ album art by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

On Sept. 29  at the Human Resources gallery in Chinatown, Pack Projects, an art-music collective based in New York City and Los Angeles, releases its latest project: a compilation LP, book and digital download titled FAULT LINES. The album, which includes work by many CalArts musicians, will be released at an event that includes live performances and installations.

Curated by performer/composer Jules Gimbrone (Music MFA 13), the 11-track compilation includes recordings by Morgan Gerstmar (Music MFA 15), Molly Allis (Music MFA 14) & Jenica Anderson (Music MFA 15), David Paha (Music MFA 14), Gimbrone, Aidan Reynolds (Music BFA 13), Max Wanderman (Music/IM MFA 13), Odeya Nini (Music MFA 11), Marcus Rubio (Music MFA 14), Todd Lerew (Music MFA 14), Alex Black (Music MFA 13), Sarah Faith Gottesdiener (Art MFA 13) & Oscar Santos, Bridget Batch (Art MFA 14) and Jen Hutton (Critical Studies MFA 13). Hutton also wrote the prompt and information for the album’s book, and Gottesdiener designed and silkscreened the packaging in addition to contributing a song.

Gimbrone writes about the inspiration behind the release on the album’s bandcamp page:

FAULT LINES started as a desire to cultivate a space where sound becomes a physical presence. By locating artists inside a geological feature of the earth, FAULT LINES encouraged composers to create time-based work that resembles the extreme temporal scales of tectonic plates. Whether these plates appear deeply still or silent, at any moment they can send waves of massive movement and disruption. This buildup of potential energy or stress within a fault line is stored until the strain is released, causing rupture. This latent energy is analogous to the medium of recorded sound, specifically the vinyl LP that holds kinetic energy in its rotation.

Gimbrone continues to explain that each composer worked independently from Hutton’s text (part of which can be read on the Pack Projects page), though the pieces are connected by their experimentation in timbre. Take a listen to some of the tracks from the compilation below:

The record release includes a performance and video installation SYMPATHETIC RELEASE by Barnett Cohen (Art MFA 14) and Gimbrone, with select performances by the album’s contributors.

Event Details


Sept. 29, 7 pm doors, 8 pm show Human Resources LA (map) 410 Cottage Home St, Los Angeles Free

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