EventNovember 8, 2013

LA Stand-up Comedy Troupe Presents Free Show at CalArts

If you’re looking for a laugh break on Friday (Nov. 8), Sleepaway Camp, the LA-based stand-up comedy and sketch group, takes over the Bijou Theater at CalArts for a free show at 9 pm. Comedians performing include Beth Stelling, Megan Koester, Jonathan Rowell, Austin Wolf-Sothern, Doug Freedman, Jay Weingarten, Ryan Schumaker and Travis Rust.

The event features live music by Whistappear starting at 8:30 pm, which includes drummer/vocalist Evan Jiroudek (Music BFA 14), lead vocalist/guitarist Ian Lipson (Music BFA 14), guitarist/vocalist Tiago Mendes (Music BFA 17) and bassist/vocalist Marcus Hogsta.

The comedy ensemble, which formed this summer, has been performing free shows on Tuesday nights at the Downtown Independent Theatre. The group has featured many special guest comedians, from Maria Bamford and Marc Maron to Tim Heidecker. Jiroudek and guitarist Alex Bica (Music BFA 17) have also music directed past shows as well.

Wistappear is finishing its debut EP and will perform at Jiroudek’s recital at CalArts on Nov.15 as well as the House of Blues in Los Angeles on Dec. 4. Listen to their track, Extra Mile, below:


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Sleepaway Camp

Bijou Theater, CalArts Nov. 8, 8:30 pm Free

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