Photo Gallery: CalArts Corridors Decked With Silhouette Art

It’s that time of the year again, when students in Leo Hobaica, Jr.’s Color and Design I class populate the halls with silhouette art.

As he did last year, Hobaica asked his students to create silhouettes based on anything that happened the day they were born. “Having said this,” Hobaica writes in an email, “in many instances it is difficult to connect the dots from this idea; such is art making.”

Above, we posted a photo gallery of art we’ve seen while roaming the corridors.

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  1. student // //

    sorry to hear about Leo F Hobaica jr passing. He was a teacher that was mean spirited, sarcastic, and bullied his students in the character animation department. Ill qualified to teach. My condolences are not for him but for all the students that suffered his sour and entitled attitude towards his students. The good news there is an open teaching position for color and design for 2015. Lets actually have an instructor that can paint and draw and not con their way into the Character Animation Program.