EventJanuary 17 - 19, 2014

CalArts at photo l.a. This Weekend

A CalArts contingent is at photo l.a. this weekend.

The 23rd Annual International Los Angeles Photo Exposition—better known as photo l.a.—leaves its usual Santa Monica proving grounds for a new home at the L.A. Mart in Downtown Los Angeles this weekend (Jan. 16-19).

CalArts is one of five schools participating in the longest-running art fair west of New York City. A contingent of CalArts students and recent alumni from the Photo and Media Program, coordinated by the program’s co-directors Kaucyila Brooke and Ashley Hunt, are sharing a booth, exhibiting works alongside galleries and institutions such as Cirrus Gallery and Cirrus Editions Ltd. (Los Angeles), GALERIE PHOTO12 FINE PHOTOGRAPHS (Paris), William Turner Gallery (Santa Monica) and dozens more.

In addition to the exhibitor booth, photo l.a. presents the short film installation, Art Isn’t Fair, by the late CalArts faculty member Allan Sekula (1951-2013). The film is edited footage shot at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2004 and is dedicated to Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality (1755).

On Sunday, Jan. 19 from 3:30-5 pm, artist and CalArts Photography and Media faculty Natalie Bookchin joins artist and Scripps College Art Department Chair Ken Gonzales-Day for the discussion, Photographic Fictions: Technology and the Digital Document. The two will discuss how technology, including social media and online publishing, relates to their work. From photo l.a.:

“Bookchin’s video installations often draw their source material from social media and video-sharing sites, exploring shared language, gestures, and narrative tropes. Gonzales-Day alters found images and objects to raise questions about racial violence and historical memory. Both bodies of work reflect on documentary practice and push at the boundaries of the digital document. Topics may include: fair use, authorship, archives, photographic truth, alternative constructions of documentary practice.” Tickets: $10 ($15 at door).

The fair’s relocation to the larger space in Downtown L.A. not only allows photo l.a. to host a greater number of galleries to exhibit, but also places the photo show squarely in the middle of the area’s art scene. In addition, the organizers are coordinating shuttle service between photo l.a., and the nearby LA Art Show, which is also happening this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

CalArts’ artists participating in photo l.a. 2014:

Shagha Ariannia (Art MFA 12)
Heisue Chung (Art MFA 13)
Heather O’Brien (Art MFA 13)
Sage Paisner (Art 10)
Clifford Landon Pun (Art MFA 11)
Calvin Lee (Art MFA 09)
Melissa Wilson (Art 10)
Margaret Haines (Art MFA 10)
Marisa Sciabarrasi (Art MFA 11)
Thomas Macker (Art MFA 11)
Kean O’brien (Art MFA 11)
Johanna Breiding (Art MFA 12)
Nathan Lam Vuong (Art MFA 11)
Vidisha Saini (Art MFA 13)
Lauren Steinberg (Art MFA 13)
Lee Ann Paynter (Art MFA 11)
Greg Hayes (Art MFA 10)
Arjuna Neuman (Art MFA 11)
Ramak Fazel (Art MFA 11)
Jinyoung Koh (Art MFA 11)
Karolina Karlic (Art MFA 10)
Daney Saylor (Art MFA 12)
Jonathan Takahashi (Art MFA 12)
Lily Gottlieb (Art BFA 14)
Taylor Lovio (Art BFA 14)
Katrin Winkler (Art MFA 13)
Barnett Cohen (Art MFA 14)
Bridget Batch (Art MFA 14)
Ho Yan Pun (Art MFA 14)
Nicole Nayeon Kim (Art)
Jason Dobrin (Art)
Kate Meyer (Art BFA 14)
Catherine Rockhold (Art BFA 14)
Kristine Tomaro (Art BFA 12)
Arnulfo Reyes (Art BFA 13)
Christopher Velasco (Art BFA 10)
Nicholas Jianhong Liang (Art BFA 14)
Meghan Gavin (Art BFA 14)
Alex Woods (Art BFA 14)

Event Details

photo l.a.

L.A. Mart 1933 Broadway, Los AngelesThursday: Jan. 16: Opening Night Gala Benefit from 6-9 pm with tickets at $80 ($100 at door) Friday: Jan. 17, 11 am-7 pm Saturday: Jan. 18, 11 am-7 pm Sunday: Jan. 19, 11 am-6 pm Admission: $20-$100

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