Next Words Reading Series Presents 2014 Thesis Works

Poster design: Daniel Wroe (Art MFA 14)

Tonight (Feb. 21), the School of Critical Studies MFA Creative Writing Program kicks off the Next Words Series 2014, featuring readings from all of its 2014 MFA candidates. The events showcase emerging talent from the program in various locations throughout the city.

Tonight’s program, Dark Obsessions, is being held at The Last Bookstore in Downtown, Los Angeles, at 7 pm and features work by creative writers Ani Bakhchadzyan, Djinji Jimenez, Shishonia Livingston and Chrysanthe Tan (all Critical Studies MFA 14), followed by a brief Q&A.

If you’re undecided about whether or not to attend, the writers give us multiple reasons not to attend via their Facebook event:


  • you are offended by sex / drugs / rock n’ roll.
  • you hate free food and alcohol.
  • you don’t like girls with weird names.
  • you don’t want vegan baked goods.
  • you’re not obsessed with the fact that “ani” is also the nickname of anakin skywalker.
  • you don’t wanna experience shishonia’s professional hosting skills.
  • you don’t want to hear chrysanthe’s creepy music blaring on the sound system during intermission.
  • you think most stuff is TMI.
  • you’ve never been obsessed with anything.
  • you’ve never thought about something to the point of exhaustion.
  • you don’t have scarring childhood memories.
  • you’ve never sustained an awkward stare at an attractive person.
  • you hate gorgeous bookstores with labyrinths and mannequins and vinyl records and $1 sections with over 100,000 books.
  • you’re scared that you may have ended up in our work somehow.

The Next Words book, which includes original work from all of the graduating MFA writers, will also be for sale at the event for $10.

Follow the Next Words series on Facebook to stay tuned for future installments, including:

Event Details

Next Words: Dark Obsessions

Feb. 21, 7 pm The Last Bookstore 453 S. Spring St., Los Angeles Free

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