EventMarch 22 - 23, 2014

REDCAT Winter Studio Features New Works by CalArts Alumni

This weekend (March 22-23), REDCAT’s quarterly program for new, experimental performance is back. REDCAT Winter Studio, guest curated by musician Anna Oxygen and dance artist Nick Duran, showcases six new works—four of which include CalArts’ artists.

Composer Max Markowitz’s (Music BFA 03) latest composition, Moon Loops – Movement III, (First Quarter), is written for three keyboardists and “employs phrasal repetition” in order to chronicle the first quarter of the moon cycle. Markowitz will be joined on stage with musicians Jason Golday (Music BFA 04) and John Wood (Music BFA 04).

Berlin- and Los Angeles-based post-conceptual artist Warren Neidich’s NSA-USA: Sound As Prophecy is a musical improvisational work that investigates “the implicit conditions of the recent National Security Agency scandal.” Neidrich uses graphic scores to direct CalArts musicians: faculty member Ulrich Krieger, Kevin Robinson (Music BFA 14), Joshua Carro (Music MFA 13), Gracie Devito (Art MFA 12), as well as Rosemarie Hertlein and Ashiq Khondker. The work draws from French writer Jacques Attali’s Noise: The Political Economy of Music.

Composer and vocalist Odeya Nini’s (Music MFA 11) In Transformation: From Uproot to Web explores a collage of vocal colors and dynamic sonic shapes, paying tribute to her ancestors through a traditional Jewish Yemenite song she has known since childhood. More from Nini, via email:

In this performance, which treats the voice as a limb inseparable from the physical body, I try to extend the dimension and expression of this song, allowing a sonic spectrum of silence to noise and tenderness to grandeur.

Writer Rachel Kauder Nalebuff’s new production, Theater For One And Absolutely One Wretchedly Singular Person, is a piece that comes with the following caveat: “Please Note: People in a state of reciprocated love are invited to attend the performance, however may not be given priority seating.”

This “mischievous” work directed by Deena Selenow (Theater MFA 13) and performed by actor Emma Zakes Green (Theater MFA 13), explores the reciprocal relationship between performer and spectator. A 25-minute iteration of the piece premiered at Machine Project’s 22-seat Mystery Theater in February.

The program also includes choreographer Kevin Lopez’s work, Things I’ve Been Told, and artist Paul Pescador’s production of Yellow and Turquoise. Read more about their projects via REDCAT.

Event Details

Winter Studio 2014

REDCAT March 22, 8:30 pm March 23, 7 pm Tickets: General $15, Students $12, CalArts $8

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