EventApril 3, 2014

Experimental Animator Presents Live Motion Capture Performance

Tonight (April 3) in the Black and White Gallery at CalArts, experimental animation student Rachel Ho (Film/Video BFA 14) presents a new live-motion capture performance project, Sleighting (see trailer above). The multimedia performance, which also includes DJ sets, investigates the use of live-motion capture technology to engage virtual characters and spaces.

Her project collaborators include Daniel Jackson (Theater MFA 15), Lionel Williams (Art BFA 14), Julian Petschek (Film/Video BFA 14) and Ting Zhang (Theater MFA 16).

Ho’s previous stop-motion capture project, Mo Cap Mo Problems, is a 15-minute performance and video installation “dealing with issues of identity and technology in the service of pop culture,” as explored through role-playing and music. Below is a trailer featuring excerpts from five shows in April 2013:

Event Details


Thursday, April 3 Performance times: 7 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm and 12 am Black & White Gallery A404, CalArts Free

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