EventApril 11, 2014

Chris Kallmyer and gnarwhallaby Make Plants Sing in Marina del Rey

Photos courtesy of Marina Del Rey Garden Center.

Tomorrow (April 11), CalArts alumnus Chris Kallmyer (MFA Music 09) and avant-garde ensemble gnarwhallaby, which consists of clarinetist Brian Walsh (Music MFA 08), keyboardist Richard Valitutto (Music MFA 11), trombonist Matt Barbier (Music MFA 10) and cellist Derek Stein (Music MFA 10), will make the plants at Marina del Rey Garden Center sing.

The program, Sound Plant Advice, will feature Kallmyer creating music from bird-friendly native plants and trees combined with white noise-inducing grasses sold at the garden center. gnarwhallaby accompanies the nature sounds to create an ambient soundscape. The program allows guests to explore the relationship between plant selection and sounds, and demonstrates how a garden may be transformed into a musical instrument.

Event Details

Sound Plant Advice

April 11, 1 pm Marina del Rey Garden Center 13198 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey Free

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