EventMay 1, 2014

Experimental Animation Students Screen New Works at REDCAT

On Thursday night (May 1) at 8 pm, the CalArts School of Film/Video presents a showcase of films from its Experimental Animation Program at REDCAT. The screening features a juried selection of 16 animated shorts.

Works on the program:

  • Fabric by Hae-Joon Lee (BFA 14), 5:00 (2:15)
  • CRUISING by Zachary Zezima (MFA 16), 3:20
  • Water from Stone by Lauren Morrison (MFA 14), 4:58
  • FOCUS by Flamina Bonfiglio (MFA 13), 8:58
  • Dungle Pukeface 2154 A.D. by Brian Smee (BFA 16), :47
  • AGRABAGRABAH by Calvin Frederick (MFA 15), 4:02
  • One Hundred Fifty Diamonds by Adelaide Talentino (MFA 15), 1:30
  • Hopkins & Delany LLP by Sean Buckelew (MFA 14), 4:21
  • Pond by Josh Shaffner (MFA 15), 2:22
  • Birds by Miyoung Kim (MFA 16), 1:30
  • Busking Tales by Adriana Copete (MFA 16), 7:42
  • I met a robot at a ballet once. by Isabella Dos Santos (BFA 14), 2:00
  • Trusts and Estates by Jeanette Bonds (MFA 13), 4:54
  • Cosmic Egg by Matt Reed (MFA 15), 3:30
  • A Tongue Silent Like Your Words by Vita Hsu (MFA 13), 5:48
  • Musical Recordings from the Realm of the Dead by Troy Morgan (MFA 15), 5:30

This year, the films were selected by CalArts faculty Maureen Selwood, Hillary Kapan and Michael Scroggins, as well as Matthew Reynolds (MFA 16) and Kirsten Lepore (MFA 12).

Above is Reed’s Cosmic Egg, and below is a teaser for Buckelew’s Hopkins & Delany LLP:

All screenings are free and open to the public, but reservations are required; seating is limited. For more information about 2014 Film/Video Showcase screenings held at REDCAT, visit the site.

Event Details

Experimental Animation Showcase 2014

REDCAT 631 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles May 1 at 8 pm Free, but reservations are required. Call the REDCAT box office to make your reservation at 213-237-2800.

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