Slideshow: Digital Arts Expo 2014

On Thursday and Friday (May 8-9), CalArts hosted the Digital Arts Expo 2014—a flurry of tech activity on campus that included a showcase of student, faculty and guest interdisciplinary projects, as well as special guest speakers. 24700 snapped some cellphone photos of the showcase in the slideshow above.

Among the main highlights of the expo was Trimpin Piano, a special piano designed by sound artist Trimpin with Music Technology Program faculty and students. In the center of the Main Gallery, an installation Geodesic! by James Hurwitz (Music BFA 16) featured multi-projector visuals cast on a geodesic dome (watch the video).

“Many of the pieces located in the Walt Disney Modular Theater were also very popular,” says Expo producer Ferdinand Botha (Theater MFA 16). One of those projects, Jonathan Becker’s (Music MFA 15) Pollock: Phase I, featured an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset (goggles that allow players to “step inside” games).

In the Main Entrance of CalArts, University of California Santa Barbara student Frederico Llach’s installation 11 Points featured music generated by a game of ping pong. 

“This event will define the power of CalArts interdisciplinary potential for the next five years,” says Associate Dean of Digital Arts & Director of Music Technology Program Ajay Kapur. “When we unite together, we do absolutely incredible things.”

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