CalArts Alumna Kari Rae Seekins One of AV Network’s ‘The Nine’

Last week, AV Network, a publication specializing in the audiovisual industry, released “The New Work: The Nine Who Are Changing the AV Industry.” The article introduces nine “exemplars of talents we’ll need to move this industry forward.” CalArts alumna Kari Rae Seekins (Theater-IM MFA 08) made the list and even earned the nickname “The Creative,” a nod to her art school roots.

More from AV Network:

A true artist and composer with an approachable demeanor and insatiable curiosity, Seekins translates visual metaphors into sonic cues in film, theater, installations, exhibits, and theme parks… She investigates the ways in which atmosphere and environments—and even human emotion and wellbeing—can be enhanced by carefully designed audio content.

Read the entire writeup for Seekins.

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