CalArts Receives Hollywood Foreign Press Association Grants

Character animator Sasha Schotzko-Harris (Film/Video BFA 16) is one of the past recipients of HFPA scholarships.

Each year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) donates grants for higher education scholarships. On Aug. 14 at the HFPA Charity Installation Dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the HFPA, which hosts the Golden Globes Awards ceremony, announced that it awarded $2 million in grants this year, including scholarships for CalArts animation students.

In a video on the Golden Globes website, the organization introduced the CalArts students, including two past recipients of HFPA scholarships: director Guilia Carusa (Film/Video MFA 13) and character animator Sasha Schotzko-Harris (Film/Video BFA 16). The video also features character animator Nak Yong Choi (Film/Video BFA 16).

To date, HFPA has awarded more than $20 million for film restoration, scholarships and film production projects to 50 diverse entertainment-related and charitable organizations.

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