EventSeptember 11, 2014

CalArtians Perform Multimedia Works at MOCA

A still from Eve Luckring’s ‘The Junicho Video Renku #5.’

Tonight (Sept. 11) at 7 pm, Los Angeles Filmforum—an organization dedicated to the exhibition of alternative, experimental and independent films—presents Eve Luckring: With What Tongue, a multimedia performance event and screening at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. Celebrating the world premiere of Luckring’s The Junicho Vidoe-Renku Book, a series of videos based on a 17th century Japanese form of poetry, the event also features performances by five CalArts artists.

Described as a “conversation between visual, sonic, and verbal fields,” the event includes three performances by vocalist Sharon Kim (Music MFA 14), cellist Aniela Perry (Music MFA 10), vocalist Argenta Walther (Music MFA 10), vocalist Carmina Escobar (Music MFA 10) and filmmaker Madison Brookshire (Film/Video MFA 07). LA Filmforum‘s program description:

  • Voices and Cello, Morton Feldman
    Performed by Sharon Kim, Aniela Perry and Argenta Walther

    Slow and quietly dissonant, this piece is a nuanced minimalist weaving of the “colors” of individual sounds.
  • Selections from Sixty-Two Mesostics Re Merce Cunningham, John Cage
    Performed by Carmina Escobar
    A mesostic is a text with a keyword spelled vertically through the middle of the lines. Cage used chance operations to create these typographic “ideograms” and published them as a musical score. Instructions are given to the performer to create a cohesive “cry, shout, or vocal event” in response to each mesostic’s visual elements.
  • Reading/Sound, Madison Brookshire
    Typewritten text and recorded sounds together create a space between presence, absence, attention, distraction, and drift.

Read more about the participating artists on the LA Filmforum site.

Above is a still from Luckring’s The Junicho Video Renku #5.

Event Details

Eve Luckring: With What Tongue

Sept. 11, 7 pm
Los Angeles Filmforum, MOCA
MOCA Ahmanson Theatre
250 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles
Tickets: $12 general, $7 students with valid ID

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