EventSeptember 27 - October 21, 2014

The Stuff at Dax Gallery in Costa Mesa

Dax Gallery in Costa Mesa presents Body of the Palace, an art exhibit featuring work by The Stuff, a growing collective of CalArts alumni. Running from Sept. 27 through Oct. 21, Body of the Palace is a tribute to the artists’ late professor Michael E. Mitchell and a classroom at CalArts.

More from the press release:

For many of the CalArts alumni, The Palace was a room where they had epiphanies that dramatically changed their perspective. The group witnessed, contributed, collaborated, and/or inspired this change in themselves. Because they shared this very intense time at the same place, they have a deep understanding and respect for each other. Creating abstract forms, shapes and using vibrant colors, they interpret personal journeys in their lives by telling an open-ended story where the audience can fill in the blanks.

Artists in the exhibit are:

  • Samir “Evol” Argandiwall (Film/Video BFA 06)
  • Jeremy Bernstein (Film/Video BFA 03)
  • Tony Caropino (Film/Video 07)
  • Dave Creek (Film/Video BFA 05)
  • Linda Dorn (Film Video MFA 02)
  • Jon Gomez (Film/Video BFA 07)
  • Nick Jeong (Film/Video BFA 04)
  • Morgan Kelly (Film/Video BFA 03)
  • JR Smith (Film/Video BFA 05)
  • Jimmy Thompson (Film/Video BFA 04)
  • Chris Wood (Film/Video 02)
  • Jin Kyu Ahn (Film/Video BFA 08, Film/Video MFA 11) 

Above is a trailer for Body of the Palace.

Update: An earlier version of this story did not include Jin Kyu Ahn in its list of artists.

Event Details

Body of the Palace

Sept. 27 through Oct. 21, 11 am-6 pm
Dax Gallery
2951 Randolph St., Costa Mesa

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