EventDecember 4, 2014

CalArts’ Stereoscopy Course Presents End-of-Semester Show

On Thursday (Dec. 4), the School of Film/Video’s Explorations in Stereoscopic Imaging class, led by faculty Michael Scroggins, hosts an end-of-semester screening of work in the Black and White Studio Gallery at CalArts. Titled ZONE, the show features short video pieces and interactive performances created by CalArts students and alumni using numerous techniques for the creation and display of three-dimensional images.

Artists include:

  • Caitlin Craggs (MFA Film/Video 17)
  • Nicholas D’Agostino (MFA Film/Video 17)
  • Keven Eskew (MFA Film/Video 17)
  • Zheng Fu (MFA Film/Video 16)
  • Alexander Hager (BFA Film/Video 16)
  • Joshua Solondz (MFA Film/Video 16)
  • Benjamin Hunter (BFA Film/Video 18)
  • Osman Hyder (MFA Film/Video 16)
  • Bocong Lin (MFA Film/Video 16)
  • Colin MacFadyen (MFA Film/Video 17)
  • John Hawk (MFA Art-Film/Video 91)
  • Elijah Kleeman (BFA Film/Video 13)

ZONE is dedicated to the late filmmaker, artist, historian and pioneer 3D artist Ray Zone (1947–2012), “whose knowledge, generosity, and indefatigable support of all things 3D continues to inspire generations of artists.”

Below is a stereoscopic video of Zone’s 2012 visit to CalArts.

Event Details

ZONE: The 2014 Explorations in Stereoscopic Imaging Course Exhibition

Dec. 4, 7 pm
Black and White Studio Gallery (A404), CalArts
24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia

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