Photo Gallery: 2014 REDCAT Posters

The REDCAT Poster Series Archive showcases posters created by CalArts’ graphic design students to promote REDCAT events on the CalArts campus. The archive, which is browsable by style or designers, includes over 200 posters printed in small runs since 2005.

The site was recently updated with 21 new posters designed in 2014. Selected images are posted in the gallery above.

Each year, students choose which REDCAT event posters they would like to design, with minimal art direction from faculty. The project is managed by faculty member and design archivist Shelley Stepp (Art MFA 94) and Office of Communications graphic designer Cassandra Chae (Art MFA 07).

“It’s a good way for students on campus to be aware of what’s happening at REDCAT, while giving design students an opportunity to collaborate.” says Chae.

Visit the archive.

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