CalArts Launches REEF Residencies

The CalArts School of Critical Studies and School of Art have announced four new residencies for recent graduates of their respective programs.

The new REEF Residencies are appointments that begin on April 1 and continue through Sept. 30. The artists will receive a cost-free shared studio space in the REEF building in Downtown Los Angeles, as well as a small award to support their work over the residency period.

The newly renovated REEF building is a creative space made up of a thriving community of artists, art industry professionals, designers and makers. The REEF regularly hosts exhibitions, art events, readings and symposia. REEF Residents will gain access to this art community and to sound, video and printing equipment for their art practices.

Amanda Beech, dean of the School of Critical Studies, writes in an email:

We are delighted to be working with the REEF to offer our CalArts graduates this unique opportunity to continue their ambitious practices in a public context as they leave our institution. It is rare for recent graduates to have any support networks or economic backing to continue their projects and develop their artistic careers once they leave school. The CalArts REEF Residency directly responds to this problem by offering crucial support to our recent alumni as they take what is, for some, their first steps beyond CalArts into the professional world of the arts.

By providing a studio and resources for their projects, the residency also fosters a significant connection between writing and art making. We look forward to seeing the dialogues that emerge from our selected artists and writers during this new venture for CalArts and the REEF, and how these artists might participate in the development of a sustainable community in what is now becoming a diverse and ever expanding downtown arts scene in LA.

Alumni from the Classes of 2011-2014 are eligible to apply. Please read the complete eligibility rules, application guidelines and requirements here. The deadline to apply for the CalArts REEF Residency is on Feb. 27.

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  1. Alexis Macnab // //

    This sounds great, and it’s heartening to know that CalArts is looking for ways to support its alumni as professionals. However, announcing the application 4 days before it is due is disgraceful.