EventJanuary 24 - April 11, 2015

Alumna Heather Rasmussen’s Bruised Fruit at California Museum of Photography

The California Museum of Photography at UCR ARTSblock presents Heather Rasmussen: Bruised Fruit, on view through April 11.

The exhibit gathers work from photographer and CalArts alumna Heather Rasmussen’s (Art MFA 07) series Compile. Shot on medium format film, the photos in Compile capture moments of domestic and urban environments.

Curator Joanna Szupinska-Myers writes:

Piles, preparation, overgrowth: the pictures that make up Compile present domestic and urban moments that convey the pace of living things. Artist Heather Rasmussen has been making these photographs for several years, documenting an annual Christmas goose, a trip to Puerto Rico, and quiet afternoons at home around Los Angeles. She makes photographs of family, vacations and food much like many of us do.

Compile was not initially conceived as an art project but instead grew from a private archive of moments. Gathered together in retrospect, Rasmussen’s keen composition and color quietly reaffirm the value of photographing the everyday, resuscitating a genre that in the moment of Instagram may otherwise seem stale as an artistic approach. She captures the world through which she moves, finding surreal accidents and using the camera to show us something about this delicate life.

Above is a slideshow of photos from Bruised Fruit, and below is a video of Rasmussen discussing her work.

Event Details

Heather Rasmussen: Bruised Fruit

Jan. 24 through April 11
California Museum of Photography/UCR ARTSblock
University of California, Riverside
3824 Main St., Riverside
Tickets: $3 general, free for students

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