EventApril 3 - 4, 2015

Alumni Choreographers Collaborate for Tethering at Live Arts Los Angeles

On April 3 and 4, two CalArts alumni-led dance companies come together for Tethering at Live Arts Los Angeles in Echo Park.

Andrea Gise‘s (Dance MFA 14) multimedia and choreographic platform dance aegis and Rebecca Lemme‘s (Dance MFA 13) performance project Acts of Matter perform dance pieces based loosely on the human pulse.

dance aegis premieres Pulsar, a multimedia work with music by CalArts student Andreas Levisianos (Music DMA 15). In the work, a pulsar, the remains of a massive star, looms large, emitting radio pulses at regular intervals. The dead pulse, a message from the past, serves as a background to the human pulse, a constant reminder of aliveness in the present.

dance aegis members are Wesley Ensminger (Dance BFA 14), Megan Fowler-Hurst (Dance BFA 16), Cherise Richards (Dance MFA 12) and Sarri Sanchez.

Acts of Matter’s as may be felt is an exploration into the fragility and unpredictability of existence. “It looks at the human pulse as a metaphor for the unexpected in life: the events, experiences, and relationships that mark us, change our trajectory, or stop us completely,” according to the press release. River Song Quintet, composed of Alina Roitstein (Music 12), Lauren Baba (Music BFA 12), Andrew Rowan (Music MFA 12), Harrison Kirk (Music MFA 10) and Gregory Uhlmann (Music BFA 14), accompanies the dance performance.

Acts of Matter members are Laura Berg (Dance BFA 14), Kira Blazek, Mark Brown, Megan Guise and Megan McCarthy (Dance BFA 12).

Above is a promotional video for Tethering.

Event Details


April 3 and 4, 7:30 pm
Live Arts Los Angeles
4210 Panamint St., Los Angeles
Tickets: $20 general, $15 student

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