EventJuly 10, 2015

New Music By Jon Armstrong at ArtShare L.A.

Above: Music video for ‘Dream Has No Friend.’

On Friday (July 10), composer and CalArts alumnus Jon Armstrong (Music MFA 08) presents Luster, Dreams, Resonance, two sets of new experimental live chamber music at ArtShare L.A. in the Arts District.

The night of music celebrates the release of the music video for “Dream Has No Friend,” off the Jon Armstrong Jazz Orchestra debut album Farewell.

The first set features surreal poetry set to Indian classical music and sound paintings, sung by vocalist Sheela Bringi (Music MFA 09).

For the second set, multimedia artists Joice Tae Ozaki (Film/Video MFA 09) and Hlynur Magnusson (Film/Video MFA 08), the duo behind Magnuzaki Labs, create an immersive visual experience projected alongside a new composition by Armstrong. The new work is inspired by spectral and just intonation composers Giacinto Scelsi and the late James Tenney, a former CalArts faculty member. “The composition is meant to put the audience into a kind of trance, with a pulsating beat and a swarming horn section,” according to the program notes.

The evening’s performers include several CalArts alumni: Clinton Patterson (Music MFA 07), Stefan Kac (Music MFA 13), Erin Armstrong (Music MFA 08), Gavin Templeton (Music MFA 08), Brian Walsh (Music MFA 08), Tina Raymond (Music MFA 10), Chris Payne (Music MFA 08) and Ryan Dragon.

Event Details

Luster, Dreams, Resonance

July 10, 8 pm
ArtShare L.A.
801 E. 4th Pl., Los Angeles
Open donation

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