EventJuly 16, 2015

Nana Felix Performs in NYC

Screenshot of the Nana Felix website.

On  July 16, CalArts alumna Lisa Remar (Music BFA 16), aka Nana Felix, takes the stage at Fontana’s in New York City to perform music from her recently released EP Splendor.

Though a solo project of Remar’s, the Nana Felix undertaking was only accomplished through the help of a number of CalArtians: “It is an embodiment of what CalArts students are capable of creating with close to no budget and essentially pure passion,” writes Remar in an email.

With the help of her network, she released a music video for the song “Oh No” and launched an interactive website.

The CalArts students and alumni who have contributed to the Nana Felix project are Miyu Shirotsuka (Art​ BFA 16), ​​Katie Barge​r (Art BFA 16​​), JonJon Blunden​ (Music ​BFA 16), Jesse Richardso​n (Music 16)​​, Anthony Perale​s (Film/Video BFA 16)​​, Anthony Al-Rifai​ (Music BFA 15​), Elliot Glasser​ (Music BFA 15​), Michael Maschmann​ (Music BFA 16), Christopher Trimmer​ (Music 13), Sean Haywar​d (Music MFA 15), Jason Georgiadis​ (Film/Video MFA 13​), Maya Bowman​ (Theater BFA 16),​ Danielle Ayers​ (Art BFA 16) and​ Steven Daniel Feile​r (Music BFA 16).​

Nana Felix’s EP Splendor is available now on Bandcamp.

Above: Music video for Nana Felix’s ‘Oh No.’

Event Details

Nana Felix

July 16, 8 pm
105 Eldridge St., NYC
Tickets: $10
21 and over

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