EventSeptember 12, 2015

Daniel Corral’s Debut Album Release at Automata

Album cover for ‘Diamond Pulses.’

On Sept. 12, composer and CalArts alumnus Daniel Corral (Music MFA 07) releases his debut solo album Diamond Pulses with a performance at Automata in Los Angeles’ Chinatown.

Diamond Pulses is a 32-minute soundscape that combines classical minimalist influences, Balinese rhythm undercurrents and modern production aesthetics. Corral counts Terry Riley, Dawn of Midi, Harry Partch and late faculty of the Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts James Tenney as key influences on the album.

The evening’s program features Corral performing Diamond Pulses accompanied by colorful live-feed video projections. Special guests Mike Robbins (Music MFA 02) and Danny Holt (Music MFA 06) also give a rare duo performance of Workers Union, a seminal work by Dutch composer Louis Andriessen. Holt also performs Philip Glass’ Two Pages, an early exploration of additive processes derived from Glass’ time working with late CalArts faculty Ravi Shankar.

Diamond Pulses will be available as a CD and online through Orenda Records.

Stream the album here.

Event Details

Diamond Pulses Release

Sept. 12, 8 & 10 pm
504 Chung King Court, Los Angeles
Tickets: $18 general audience; $15 members, students, seniors

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