EventSeptember 12 - October 8, 2015

Camilo Restrepo’s Tight Rope at Steve Turner Gallery

Sept. 23 update: Read Carolina A. Miranda’s Los Angeles Times’ piece, “Art born of the drug wars: Camilo Restrepo on ‘narco bananas’ and pen-on-paper violence

On Saturday (Sept. 12), Steve Turner in Hollywood presents work by Colombian artist and CalArts alumnus Camilo Restrepo (Art MFA 13). The exhibit, titled Tight Rope, consists of work that “exposes the uncontrollable, repetitive psychic battles that occur inside our heads as well as the destructive, real-world combat created by the drug wars in Colombia.”

For the drawings for Tight Rope, Restrepo taped together square sheets of paper and drew rich pictures that depict boxers from history and popular culture with lobotomized brains at the end of their gloves. He then separated the sheets, crumpling them until the fibers have been exhausted and taped them back together. The results are pieces that have acquired volume and appear frayed.

Restrepo has also exhibited his work at ARCO Madrid (2015); Untitled, Miami Beach (2013); Galería Santa Fe, Bogotá (2011); and LA Galería, Bogotá (2009). In 2010, Restrepo was nominated for the Premio Luis Caballero, a prestigious prize for the visual arts in Colombia for artists over 35.

Tight Rope, which runs concurrently with Carlos Martiel: Aislado at Steve Turner, is on view through Oct. 8. The opening reception for both shows is on Sept. 12 from 7-9 pm.

Above is a slideshow of selected works from Restrepo’s gallery show.

Event Details

Tight Rope

Sept. 12 through Oct. 8
Steve Turner
6830 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles

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