Photos: Fourth Annual Staff Show at CalArts

Painting, sculpture, video, photography, photo-collage, ceramic, wood and glass are among the media featured in an exhibition of work produced by members of CalArts’ administrative staff.  The show is installed from Sept. 21-25 in galleries D-300 and D-301.

This year’s participants in the fourth annual Staff Show are: Cathy Akers (Office of Advancement), Valetta Caravetta (School Store), Chris Cuttriss (Information Technology), Bethany Elmer (School of Art), Stuart Frolick (Office of Communications), Alexi Gehring (School of Film/Video), Brian Gershey (Office of the Registrar), Patricia Gonzalez (Office of the President), Steve Gunther (Office of Communications), Alexandra Lewin (Residence Life), Kye Potter (School of Film/Video), Bret Purpus (Library), Michael Rogers (Office of Advancement) and Nicki Voss (School of Theater).

A reception will be held tonight (Sept. 24), in the galleries from 5-7 pm.

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