EventNovember 1, 2015

CalArts Nightcap Showcase at Fox and Hounds

by Luke Martin

On Sunday, Nov. 1, the Fox and Hounds Restaurant and Bar in Studio City, in collaboration with Arielle Deem Music, hosts a night of original music by CalArts bands. The event includes several bands that feature both current CalArts musicians and alumni: GOOD PEOPLEZ, BRNSTRM, Nitetides and Broseidon. The show is free, open to all ages with a selection of food and beverages available from Fox and Hounds.

On Sunday’s bill:

  • GOOD PEOPLEZ is a hip-hop duo that features Roberto Martin (Theater BFA 14) and Jacob Gibson (Theater BFA 14). The two joined forces at CalArts and, combining their influences from R&B, rap, pop, electronic, funk and soul, have been performing together ever since.
  • BRNSTRM is another CalArts duo, with alumni Arielle Deem (Music BFA 14), on voice and effects and Efa Etoroma Jr. (Music MFA 15) on drums and production. Both smoothly integrate electronics into their style, creating unique sound worlds to supplement their catchy grooves.
  • Nitetides is an experienced four-piece future soul/Galactic R&B collective whose members break genre boundaries through experimentation and sonic alteration. Their group includes bassist Alex Hamberger (Music MFA 16), vocalist Nailah Hunter (Music BFA 15), drummer Nick Hon (Music BFA 17) and guitarist Ryan Navales (Music BFA 17).
  • Broseidon, formed by drummer Josh Linsky (Music MFA 15) and guitarist Evan Montgomery (Music MFA 15), creates rich sound textures and spaces from what appears to be very little in the way of instrumentation.

This show is a great opportunity to see some of the best new music coming out of CalArts. The sets begin at 9 pm.

Event Details

CalArts Nightcap Showcase

Sunday, Nov. 1
Fox and Hounds
11100 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

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