EventDecember 17, 2015

CalArts Holds First Symposium on Gender Bias in Animation

Poster for ‘The Animated Woman.’

On Thursday (Dec. 17), CalArts’ Experimental Animation Program’s The Animated Woman class, led by faculty Erica Larsen-Dockray (Film/Video BFA 09, MFA 12), holds a symposium on gender bias in animation, a first for the Institute.

Students from the class present research and responses to the topic of how female characters are presented in animation through screenings, performances, trivia games, interactive displays, audio and visual comparisons, investigations of animation education resources, public service announcements and how-to guides, among others.

The program’s topics are:

  • Samantha Gurry’s (Film/Video MFA 18) There are no girls
  • Amanda Bonaiuto’s (Film/Video MFA 18) This is me now
  • Jamie Wolfe’s (Film/Video MFA 18) PEA Method
  • Lauren Flinner’s (Film/Video MFA 17) Makeup Tutorial
  • Stephanie Delazeri’s (Film/Video BFA 18) Playful: How to Draw a Woman
  • Rachel Seropian’s (Film/Video BFA 17) Mom Safari
  • Julia Newhide’s (Film/Video MFA 16) Funky Town
  • Isabel Higgins’ (Film/Video BFA 18) Animated Woman Jeopardy
  • Patty Casaverde’s (Film/Video BFA 18) This is me Now Part 2
  • Jude Estrada’s (Film/Video MFA 18) Who Really Passes the Bechdel Test?
  • Hyejin Choi’s (Film/Video BFA 19) Bottle

Larsen-Dockray also discusses the processes and findings of the course. CalArts Provost Jeannene Przyblyski delivers an introduction to the symposium.

The Animated Woman: Symposium on Gender Bias in Animation starts at 4 pm in the Bijou Auditorium. Themed refreshments will be served at the event.

Event Details

The Animated Woman: Symposium on Gender Bias in Animation

Dec. 17, 4-7 pm
Bijou Auditorium, CalArts
24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia

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  1. terte // //

    Am I reading this right. CALArts has a class for women or is it how to animated women. I hope it is the later. There should never be a class based on gender.

  2. Jerry sonderman // //

    My daughter would love to see this, she is a high school student. We live in Northern California, Will the event be recorded?
    Thank you,
    Jerry Sonderman

  3. Sarah Lefton // //

    AWESOME. Please consider recording this via video or audio and distributing…it’s very meaningful to so many of us outside of SoCal.

  4. Elizabeth // //

    To the first commenter, it’s about the very real gender bias that is happening in the animation industry right now, discrimination against women. This is very important and should not be so quickly dismissed.

  5. Dan Haskett // //

    Is it being recorded? And if so, will copies be made available?

  6. ceci // //

    Terte, I assume your question stems from not knowing the definition of the word bias, or the distinction between gender and sex. In case other people are wondering the same, I hope this helps.

    gender: the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with being female or male.
    bi·as: prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

    A discussion about gender bias matters to both women and men because sexism affects everybody negatively. I’d love to attend if I were there.

  7. Tori // //

    I would be very much interested in a recording of this since I am unfortunately unable to make it. Will there be one available later?


  8. jessica p // //

    I am wondering if this event is scheduled to happen again this year and if so is there a good way to stay up to date on that? Besides for joining the mailing list for all CalArts events…I don’t live in California but would still hope to attend next time.
    Thank you!