EventJanuary 20 - February 14, 2016

Son of Semele’s Company Creation Festival Features Two CalArtian Productions

Poster for ‘Elizabeth Hammond: A Eulogy.’ | Image courtesy Kathleen Reinbold.

From Jan. 20 through Feb. 14, Son of Semele hosts its annual Company Creation Festival, presenting four new theater works generated by ensembles using unconventional means. Of the plays receiving their premieres are two productions by CalArts alumni.

Drive Theatre Company debuts Elizabeth Hammond: A Eulogy, starring Vivian Kane (Theater MFA 13), Jeremy Kinser (Theater BFA 13), Megan Lewicki (Theater MFA 16) and Anne Yatco (Theater MFA 09). In the play, Elizabeth Hammond, a lifetime hostess, finds herself in the worst party ever, which also happens to be her funeral. “Amidst flashbacks, canapés and inane gossip, Elizabeth Hammond offers a piercingly intuitive peek into what shapes a person’s identity,” notes the press release. Kathleen Reinbold (Theater MFA 12) serves as the producer of the play, with costume design by Lynne Martens (Theater MFA 12) and stage management by Juli Figueroa (Theater MFA 13).

Elizabeth Hammond: A Eulogy runs from Jan. 23-24 and Feb. 3-5.

Rehearsal photo from 'The Dryway: A Merfolk Opera.' | Image courtesy Kathleen Reinbold.

Rehearsal photo from ‘The Dryway: A Merfolk Opera.’ | Image courtesy Kathleen Reinbold.

The Outpost’s The Dryway: A Merfolk Opera, is loosely based on the half-woman, half-fish or serpent figure of Melusine from European folklore. Written and directed by Emma Zakes Green (Theater MFA 13), it tells the story of three mermaids who have been cursed to live on dry land by their mother. Green, A’raelle Flynn-Bolden (Theater 14), and Megan Rippey (Theater MFA 13) play the three mersisters. The Dryway features costume design by Kate Fry (Theater MFA 13), set design by Drew Foster (Theater MFA 13), lighting design by Alexander Freer (Theater MFA 17), choreography by Kestrel Leah (Theater MFA 13) and music supervision by Paul Fraser (Music MFA 11).

The Dryway: A Merfolk Opera plays from Jan. 27-29 and Feb. 13-14.

Event Details

Son of Semele's Company Creation Festival

Jan. 20 through Feb. 14

Elizabeth Hammond: A Eulogy
Jan. 23 through Feb. 5
Son of Semele
3301 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles
Tickets: $20 general admission, $18 under 25

The Dryway: A Merfolk Opera
Jan. 27 through Feb. 14
Son of Semele
3301 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles
Tickets: $20 general admission, $18 under 25

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