EventApril 28, 2016

2016 Film/Video Showcase: Experimental Animation Program

Above: Matthew Reynold’s ‘Sport in the Land of Plenty.’

The CalArts School of Film/Video presents a special screening of experimental short films made by students in the Experimental Animation program on April 28 at Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT).

On the program:

  • Help! Dying! by Noah Malone (Film/Video BFA 17),
  • Lazy Daze by Brian Smee (Film/Video MFA 15),
  • Batfish Soup by Amanda Bonaiuto (Film/Video MFA 18),
  • Algebra by Ariel Navas (Film/Video BFA 18),
  • Ossein by Amia Yokoyama (Film/Video MFA 17),
  • Insect Bite by Grace Rhee (Film/Video MFA 13),
  • Sport in the Land of Plenty by Matthew Reynolds (Film/Video MFA 16),
  • Goodbye by Tyler Russo (Film/Video BFA 18),
  • Celestial by Theotime Vaillant (Film/Video BFA 14),
  • Sonder During End Times by Stephanie Delazeri (Film/Video BFA 18),
  • Serpentine by Bronwyn Maloney (Film/Video MFA 18),
  • Touch by Caitlin Craggs (Film/Video MFA 17),
  • TOXIC by Patricia Luna (Film/Video 15),
  • /^:-8-VERBS-8-:^/ by Zack El-margharbel (Film/Video-Music BFA 17),
  • Rituals by Isabelle Aspin (Film/Video BFA 16),
  • Angular Unconformity by C. Lily Ericsson (Film/Video MFA 18),
  • A Frog Fried Me by Ana Perez Lopez (Film/Video MFA 15),
  • /sel/ by Lauren Flinner (Film/Video MFA 17),
  • North Korea Pop by Gabriel Mangold (Film/Video MFA 15); and
  • Service by Josh Shaffner (Film/Video MFA 15).

This year’s members of the selection committee are faculty Maureen Furniss, Pia Borg, Stephen Chiodo, Michael Scroggins, Maureen Selwood, Paul Vester and Hillary Kapan, with alumnus Matt Reed (Film/Video MFA 15) and student Annapurna Kumar (Film/Video MFA 17).

The screening is free and open to the public, but reservations are required due to limited seating. For more information about all 2016 Film/Video Showcase screenings held at REDCAT and CalArts, visit the site.

Above: Stephanie Delazeri’s ‘Sonder During Endtimes.’

Event Details

Film/Video Showcase: Experimental Animation

April 28, 8 pm
631 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles

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