EventJune 17 - November 1, 2016

CalArtians Premiere ‘Miniature’ Films at Automata

Geiser’s Ghost Algebra and Simpson’s Inconsolable Objects premiere at Automata | Photo: courtesy Peephole Cinema

Janie Geiser, a recent recipient of the Doris Duke Artist Award and School of Theater faculty, and artist and alumna Susan Simpson (Film/Video MFA 99), premiered new films in Downtown Los Angeles on June 17 as part of the Peephole Cinema project.

Geiser’s film, Ghost Algebra, explores algebra in its original context and meaning—the science of restoring what is missing or the reunion of broken parts. Geiser uses a number of sources to create her collage-like film, including medical illustrations, found and natural objects and re-photographed video. Simpson’s film, Inconsolable Objects, draws from comic book action sequences to create an animated short film that explores the feelings and manifestations of unrest and agitation.

Peephole Cinema, a “miniature cinema” collective founded in Brooklyn by artist and Princess Grace Award recipient Laurie O’Brien (Theater MFA 08), has satellite projects in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Los Angeles outpost is run by Allison de Fren, Brian Cantrell and O’Brien and is hosted by Automata, the artist-run, nonprofit organization founded by Geiser and Simpson.

In each city, silent films, which can be viewed through a dime-sized peephole installed in a public space, are screened 24/7.  The peepholes for the LA site are installed in the alley behind Automata (just to the left of the back door, between North Hill Street and Chung King Road).

Both Ghost Algebra and Inconsolable Objects will screen 24/7 through Nov. 1.

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Peephole Cinema

June 17 through Nov. 1
504 Chung King Ct., Los Angeles

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  1. Janie Geiser // //

    Hello…thanks for this posting. I would also like to note that Laurie O’Brien is an MFA alum of the School of Theater and also was a Princess Grace Award winner in her MFA 3 year.

    Janie Geiser