Summer Soundstream: Ackland Performs at The Troubadour

Above: Ackland performs at CalArts Soundstream in April.

On April 18, 10 musical acts formed by the graduating class of The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts showcased their talents at the annual CalArts Soundstream concert. The event, held at legendary music venue The Troubadour in West Hollywood, Calif., presented forward-thinking and genre-defying music to industry executives and to the Los Angeles public.

Inspired by Björk, Feist and St. Vincent, Ackland offers an ethereal, dark and dreamy sound. Led by vocalist and songwriter Molly Pease (Music MFA 17), Ackland blends acoustic instrumentation, haunting vocals and electronic effects. The band also features Sarah Fylak (Music MFA 17) on violin and vocals, Luc Kleiner (Music MFA 17) on piano and vocals, Caleb Veazey (Music MFA 16) on guitar, Ben Levinson (Music BFA 16) on bass and Nick Hon (Music BFA 16) on drums.

Summer Soundstream is our weekly series featuring performances from the annual CalArts Soundstream concert.

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