EventJuly 1 - August 10, 2016

Paul Rosero in Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

The fifth iteration of the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art is underway in Russia and among the 87 artists from 36 countries selected for the prestigious biennale is CalArts alumnus Paul Rosero (Art MFA 15).

Rosero’s contribution to the art exhibit is Wave, a sculptural work that explores interspecies collaboration. Rosero utilizes silkworms to create a 3D silk sculpture of a sound wave, while UV lights, cameras and microphones project the process in real time. The silkworms are fed patented chow made from mulberry leaves, giving them four distinct colors under the UV light. The silkworms trigger distinct sounds depending on their color and their position on the sculpture, creating a unique soundscape.

Wave is a reinstallation of a project that Rosero began at CalArts. For the Moscow installation, Rosero worked with Russian entomologists and specialists at the the Moscow Zoo, who helped him find suitable silkworms from Stavropol, Russia, and Italy. Some of his silkworm species are now on display as part of an exhibition at the zoo called Insectopia. The sculpture has been garnering positive attention from the exhibit-goers, and has resulted in Rosero being invited to numerous other biennales and exhibitions.

The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art showcases contemporary art from around the world by artists 35 years old and younger. It runs through Aug. 10.

Event Details

Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

July 1 through Aug. 10
Moscow, Russia

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