EventJuly 9 - August 20, 2016

Isabelle Harada’s WORK / W=Fd at Bergamot Station

Isabelle Harada, ‘W=Fd,’ variable dimensions, 999 foil origami cranes, thread, mylar gels, 2016. | Image courtesy the artist

Update: Isabelle Harada’s ‘WORK / W=Fd’ has been extended through Aug. 20.

Through July 30, Sloan Projects presents WORK / W=Fd, an art installation by CalArts student Isabelle Harada (Art MFA 17), at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica Calif.

WORK / W=Fd is composed of 999 origami gold paper cranes that Harada folded and hung from the gallery’s ceiling, with looped video projections playing on one unfolded sheet of gold foil. An artificial sunset bathes the entire gallery.

In Japanese culture, folding 1,000 paper cranes grants the origami folder a wish. Traditionally, a woman folds 1,000 cranes during her engagement, and her father presents these cranes to the groom on their wedding day. The cranes symbolize the work that a woman will put into a relationship—each crane takes about 10 minutes to fold and requires an even force applied to the paper. WORK / W=Fd reflects on the conflation of virtual (time and effort) and material labor.

The installation also borrows from the concept of light and shadow put forward by Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki in his essay on aesthetics, In Praise of Shadow. Tanizaki writes about the beauty of subtlety that only comes about in dark places, something that Harada captures by locating her installation in an eternal sunset.

Harada is a Los Angeles-based new media artist. Her sculptural, projected and sonic works have been shown in Portland, San Francisco and Serbia.

Event Details

Isabelle Harada: WORK / W=Fd

July 9 through Aug. 20
Sloan Projects Gallery at Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave., Gallery B5, Santa Monica

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