EventAugust 5 - 13, 2016

CalArts Animators in Festival de Cine de Lima

Screenshot from Noah Malone’s ‘Help! Dying!,’ screening at Festival de Cine de Lima. | Image courtesy filmmaker.

From Aug. 5-13, filmmakers all over the world gather in Lima, Peru for the annual film festival Encuentro Latinoamericano de Cine de Lima, or Festival de Lima. Seven CalArtian animators are among the filmmakers who will be showing works at the festival.

  • Erin Kim’s (Film/Video BFA 17) Cycles follows Sam, a young cyclist who uses cycling as a way to cope with his brother’s unknown illness.
  • Tiffany Wei’s (Film/Video BFA 17) light-hearted Meal Time! is a reflection on human relationships over food.
  • Xiya Lan’s (Film/Video BFA 17) You Look Scary features an alligator with a toothache who must confront his fear of dentists.
  • In Grace Rhee’s (Film/Video MFA 13) Insect Bite, a tiny bug tries to figure out what it wants to be.
  • Noah Malone’s (Film/Video BFA 17) film Help! Dying! follows a man who sucks on his own foot, tracks down a criminal and has a moral breakthrough.
  • Pieces of furniture and a deer dance in Ana Perez’s (Film/Video MFA 15) A Frog Fried Me.
  • Sanjay Patel’s (Film/Video 96) Sanjay’s Super Team tells the story of a young boy who, bored with his father’s religious meditations, imagines the superheroes he likes watching on TV as Hindu gods and goddesses.

Peruvian filmmaker and alumnus Javier Fuentes-Leon (Film/Video MFA 98) facilitated the connection between CalArts and the festival, which is considered one of the most prestigious events for Latin Cinema. Established in 1997, Encuentro Latinoamericano de Cine de Lima has launched the careers of many influential Latin American filmmakers, including Claudia Llosa and Josué Méndez. Most screenings take place at the Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), where the festival was founded.

Above: Tiffany Wei’s ‘Meal Time!’

Event Details

Encuentro Latinoamericano de Cine de Lima

Aug. 5-13
Catholic University of Peru (PUCP)
Av. Universitaria 1801, Distrito de Lima, Peru

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