EventSeptember 16, 2016

CalArts Graphic Design Presents 360: Type in Virtual Spaces

On Friday (Sept. 16), the Program in Graphic Design hosts 360: Type in Virtual Spaces, a panel discussion and conversation on typography in digital and immersive spaces at the Patty Disney Center for Life & Work on the CalArts campus. Designers from the typographic community, from experimental to commercial, gather to discuss how virtual reality and a more digital culture are changing the way we encounter, experience, interact and engage with typography.

From the organizers:

While typographic function and expressive typography are established terrains for print and for screen, new spaces in which we engage with the written word are emerging—from virtual reality, to immersive spaces, to emerging applications and environments for motion design. These fantastic and wondrous new spaces confront designers with fresh typographic challenges and opportunities.

The afternoon’s panelists are industry professionals Aaron Bradbury, VFX supervisor at National Space Centre Creative; Kimberly Cooper, co-founder and CEO of Prologue Immersive and Joshua Walton, creative director at Microsoft HoloLens. Joining them are CalArts Graphic Design alumni Kat Catmur (Art MFA 15), Jessica Lee (Art MFA 16) and Jaime Van Wart (Art MFA 16).

A reception follows the conversation. Please RSVP through the Facebook event page.

Event Details

360: Type in Virtual Spaces

Sept. 16, 1 pm
Patty Disney Center for Life & Work, CalArts
24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia

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