EventSeptember 21 - 25, 2016

CalArtians in Ottawa International Animation Festival

Above: Trailer for Amanda Bonaiuto’s ‘Batfish Soup.’

Update Sept. 25: Honda’s “Paper,” created by a team of animators that includes David Braun (Film/Video BFA 13) and Quique Rivera (Film/Video MFA 14), won the Award for Best Commissioned Animation at Ottawa.

The 40th annual Ottawa International Animation Festival is in full swing in Ottawa, Canada, through Sept. 25. This year, the festival features 80 short films, seven feature films and 73 panorama films. Five films by CalArtians have been selected for screening.

Amanda Bonaiuto’s (Film/Video MFA 18) Batfish Soup follows a rural family who welcomes estranged relatives for an afternoon visit.

In the musical The Magnificent Menagerie of Melvin McMelanie by Kiernan Sjursen-Lien (Film/Video BFA 17), Melvin McMelanie and his traveling show roll into a small train town in 1895 California, only to find it may be harder to earn a penny than they originally thought.

Above: Kiernan Sjursen-Lien’s ‘The Magnificent Menagerie of Melvin McMelanie.’

Jack Turpin’s (Film/Video BFA 15) experimental film The Box, and Jeanette Bonds’ (Film/Video BFA 11, MFA 13) and Kangmin Kim’s (Film/Video BFA 09, MFA 11) signal film (trailer) for the inaugural GLAS Animation Festival, held early this year, have also been selected.

Honda’s Emmy nominated two-minute spot “Paper,” created by a team of animators that includes David Braun (Film/Video BFA 13) and Quique Rivera (Film/Video MFA 14) is also on the Ottowa slate.

Ottawa International Animation Festival is the largest animation festival in North America, with more than 30,000 attendees.

Above: Signal film for GLAS Animation Festival.

Event Details

Ottawa International Animation Festival

Sept. 21-25
Ottawa, Canada
Tickets: $13 single passes; $60 day passes

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