ReleaseNovember 17, 2016

N:o.N-;s_En../s.ic.A:L Releases Third Issue

Cover for ‘N:o.N-;s_En../s.ic.A:L (wrong).’ | Image courtesy N:o.N-;s_En../s.ic.A:L.

On Thursday (Nov. 17) at 6 pm, N:o.N-;s_En../s.ic.A:L releases its third issue “(wrong)” with a launch party presented by ARTBOOK at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel in Los Angeles.

N:o.N-;s_En../s.ic.A:L, run by Páll Haukur, Vivian Sming (Art MFA 13) and Alice Wang (Art BFA 10), is a publication that features writings by artists about “the uncertainties that dictate our culture, space & actions.”

As in previous issues, a number of CalArts alumni have contributed work to the issue. They are Evan Burrows (Art BFA 13), Dan Bustillo (Art MFA 14), Kelman Duran (Film/Video MFA 12), Margaret Haines (Art MFA 11), Alexis Hudgins (Art BFA 09), Thea Lorentzen (Film/Video MFA 13), Justin Tenney (Art BFA 15) and Alice Wang (Art BFA 10) with Bruce Hainley. Artists Steingrímur Eyfjörð, Becket Flannery, Alex Jovanovich, David Muenzer, Brian O’Connell, Snorri Páll Jónsson Úlfhildarson and Rusty Van Riper also contribute work to N:o.N-;s_En../s.ic.A:L: (wrong).

N:o.N-;s_En../s.ic.A:L (wrong) will be available for purchase at the launch event and online. Second editions of previous issues, which both sold out, will also be available at the event.

Event Details

N:o.N-;s_En../s.ic.A:L (wrong) Release Party

Nov. 17, 6 pm
ARTBOOK at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel
917 E 3rd. St., Los Angeles

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