EventJanuary 12 - 13, 2017

Argentinian Filmmaker Silvina Szperling Screens Films at CalArts

‘Narcisa Reflection,’ a film by Silvina Szperling, screens at CalArts on Thursday. | Image: Courtesy of the filmmaker.

The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at CalArts welcomes visiting artist and Argentinian filmmaker Silvina Szperling to CalArts this week. Szperling, the founder and director of the International Video-Dance Festival of Buenos Aires, is teaching a Winter Session workshop on dance film, working with students from several schools.

There are two screenings this week at CalArts to coincide with Szperling’s visit. The first, on Thursday (Jan. 12) at 5 pm, is a showing of Narcisa Reflection, Szperling’s portrait film of German-Argentinian filmmaker Narcisa Hirsch, considered the mother of experimental film in Argentina.

From the film notes:

Although her work was born amidst utterly difficult historical circumstances, or maybe for that reason, Hirsch’s films have constituted a space of freedom and resistance. Narcisa Reflection observes a woman in her last journey, witnessing how she looks at herself in her art work. It will be necessary to take the risk of drowning, in order to know oneself.

On Friday, the weeklong workshop concludes with a presentation of screendance pieces from Argentina, preceded by CalArts student works created during her residency. The public is welcome to attend both screenings.

Above: Trailer for ‘Narcisa Reflection.’

Event Details

Silvina Szperling Screenings at CalArts

Narcisa Reflection: A film by Silvina Szperling on Narcisa Hirsch
CalArts, Lund Theatre
Jan. 12, 2017, at 5:30 pm

Videodanza: A Screening of Screendance Works from Argentina, Preceded by CalArts’ workshop pieces
CalArts, Lund Theatre
Jan. 12, 2017, at 5:30 pm

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