EventJanuary 19, 2017

Graphic Design Program’s T-Shirt Show Goes Apocalyptic

t-shirt design by Andrea Yasko (Art/BFA 18) | Image courtesy Graphic Design program

CalArts’ Program in Graphic Design’s annual T-Shirt Show takes place today (Jan. 19) at 5 pm in the Graduation Courtyard on campus. Each year, students, alumni and faculty from the Program submit original artwork to be screen printed by a production team in the BFA class.

The fundraiser is popular throughout the Institute, with the majority of the designs selling out within the first hour or two. So, for those planning to attend, take a look at the current designs posted on the event’s Instagram page, and get in line early. Proceeds from the T-Shirt show support the Graphic Design fund, which covers the materials fees for this year’s and next year’s shows, as well as the program’s End-of-Year exhibition and its Motion Graphics show.

Traditionally, much of the printed artwork consists of pop culture references or design puns, with plenty of nods to Disney’s legacy at CalArts found in playfully subversive iterations of Micky Mouse and his cartoon cohorts. There’s still plenty of that this year, however, the current theme and content for the show, titled Shirtpocalypse, is also serving as a preamble to the impending political chaos that could erupt after Friday’s inauguration ceremony.

More from the BFAs about this year’s theme:

THE END IS NIGH! Our current political climate has turned the Earth into a desolate wasteland, where the only solace to be taken by humanity is in one thing… shirts. As a result, the CalArts GD Crew will be unleashing a ceaseless plague of new and original shirts, designed by the CalArts GD student body, alums, faculty, and friends, for you to purchase and keep you warm during the end times. Come celebrate the oncoming apocalypse with us in the Grad Courtyard!

Stay safe out there.

Shirts: $15
Totes: $12
Hugs: Free
Nightmares: Forever

Event Details

CalArts T-Shirt Show

Jan. 19, 5-9 pm
Graduation Courtyard, CalArts
24700 McBean Parkway, Valencia

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