EventFebruary 16 - March 5, 2017

Eve-Lauryn LaFountain’s First LA Solo Exhibit at Occidental College

From Eve Lauryn LaFountain’s ‘Waabanishimo: Miigaadan.’ | Image courtesy the artist.

Tonight (Feb. 16), Weingart Gallery at Occidental College hosts an opening reception for Waabanishimo: Miigaadan (She Dances Till Daylight: Fight It), the first solo Los Angeles show by visual artist and CalArts alumna Eve-Lauryn LaFountain (Art-Film/Video MFA 14).

Waabanishimo: Miigaadan features the photo series Waabanishimo: She Dances Till Daylight, an ongoing project that investigates “urban indigeneity, ceremony, tradition, landscape, spirits, light and photographic mediums;” and the video installation Miigaadan (Fight It), a meditation on resistance.

From the artist:

In Waabanishimo: She Dances Till Daylight, I create ghostly images using long exposures to burn the pathway of my ceremonies and celestial bodies into the frame. I use personal rituals to ask for strength and guidance from the ancestors who came before me. The titles are in Ojibwe, my tribe’s traditional language, with English translations.

Using meditation, dance and time-lapse photography, Miigaadan (Fight It) is an invocation of the ancestors. In this new dual screen film, photography, and sound installation I explore the layering and passage of time, and the traces that celestial and corporeal bodies leave in their wake.

The exhibit, which runs through March 5, is curated by fellow CalArtian Deena Selenow (Theater MFA 13).

Event Details

Eve-Lauryn LaFountain: Waabanishimo: Miigaadan (She Dances Till Daylight: Fight It)

Feb. 16 through March 5
Weingart Gallery, Occidental College
1600 Campus Road, Los Angeles

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